November 27, 2010

Long way round

I'm not really sure what has gotten into me, but I seem to be getting all sorts of strange ideas for blog posts these days. Maybe its the new netbook, maybe its all the weekend travelling, maybe its because of too much time spent alone in my room, or perhaps even the questionable levels of chlorine in Coimbatore's drinking water.

Whatever the reason, a couple of days ago, while taking the customary return bus from Coimbatore to Bangalore, I had a lot of time on my hands and very little on my mind. The one thing, however, that had been on my mind for the previous few weeks, was travel, and, as I looked out the window from the vantage of my upper berth, I thought about it long and hard. And then, it hit me, unexpectedly and unmistakably, like beef in a Brahmin's McVeggie burger.

Since I'm feeling lucky, to demonstrate, I will be seeking help from what lately, seems to have become an appendage of my brain--Google. More specifically, I will be using Google Maps--every unemployed, redundant Geography teacher's worst nightmare, and every clueless traveller's best friend. So here goes. Please also be warned that:
  • Since I'm not used to blogging this frequently, I will occasionally resort to the oldest trick in the amateur blogger's book--pictures and bulleted points, designed to make the post seem longer and more interesting than it actually is.
  • It is expected that the reader has a basic knowledge of addition and multiplication, though extensive knowledge of differential calculus and politics in Pakistan would be an added advantage.
  • The following is just a series of facts, no clever wordplay, no shrewd analogies, and may, at times, seem like a useless office presentation.
  • In the pictures that follow:  
    • "A": my house
    • "B": <insert school/college/office name>
Kindergarten-1st standard
Assumption: 150 school days a year
Duration: 2 years
Distance travelled: 150 days*14.2 kms*2 years=4260 kilometres

2nd-12th Standard
Assumption: 150 school days a year
Duration: 11 years 
Distance travelled: 150 days*13.2 kms*11 years=21780 kilometres

Assumption: 150 working days a year
Duration: 4 years 
Distance travelled: 150 days*34.4 kms*4 years=20640 kilometres

Assumption: 230 working days a year
Duration: 2.5 years 
Distance travelled: 230 days*27.8 kms*2.5 years=15985 kilometres

Grand Total: more than 60,000kms over 19.5 years. Thats 10 times the radius of the earth. 1.5 times it circumference. 3000 times up and down Mt. Everest. 20 times from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. 1500 full marathons.

Maybe even 2 seasons of Long Way Round? Thats the dream.


  1. Thought provoking calculations bro. nice post!


  2. Nice on Sajiv... Wish I had stayed far from Engg college and beat you in miles :P

  3. thanks azhar...that was the idea...
    @malli: u were quite close to office also, right :D


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